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The simplest way to manage your Unraid servers

ControlR requires iOS 13.4+, Android 6+, Unraid 6.7+

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* Some features require the ControlR plugin. Read the FAQ for details.

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The Unraid Mobile App

What you get with ControlR

Built and supported since 2016 by a fellow Unraid community member

Multiple servers

Manage multiple servers from the app, with a beautiful user interface

Localized in different languages

Translated into 4 languages, with more on the way. Choose between English, German, French or Spanish

Array operations

Start/Stop array, run parity, spin disks up/down and more

Dockers and VMs

Manage dockers and virtual machines (start, stop and more)


Uses system color theme to display dark/light adjusted colors

Power On/Off

Conveniently power on/off or put to sleep your server from your mobile device

Monitor status

Monitor your system's cpu, motherboard, fans, ups stats, logs

Other features

Automatic server discovery, confirmations for sensitive operations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unraid?

Discover all that Unraid can do for you on the website.

Still have some doubts?

Check out our page with a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

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What our users say

" Works great, can see basic stuff and can restart my docker containers. Thanks for this "

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" Very useful to easily manage my unraid server instead of going through the web ui. It would be nice to be able to sort the docker list by running containers or maybe hide containers which are not running "

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" Great app to manage my server, works flawlessly "

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