ControlR - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect to my Unraid server from outside my LAN through the app ?

No … and yes.

On its own, the app will not remotely access an Unraid server.

The recommended approach to connecting remotely is to run OpenVPN on your LAN, either on your firewall or Unraid server.

If you have a separate firewall server:

If you want to virtualize your firewall on your Unraid server:

Will the app ever support remote access ?


This feature requires implementing a security protocol that will expose the Unraid server on the internet.

If this is done incorrectly, your server’s data is potentially at risk and the app could be liable for it.

Since a security protocol is hard to get right, the suggested approach (as mentioned in the previous point) is to defer to a robust and proven solution such as OpenVPN.

Public security breaches, made possible by exploits in security implementations, have made the issue much more relatable.

This is a list of such breaches in 2017.

For up-to-date information, consider monitoring

Can you add x, y, z feature ?

You can request a feature in the Feature Request Forum.

The feature with the most votes is generally considered first when working on the app.

I can’t connect to my server

Make sure that the port you enter is the same as the Unraid’s webGUI/Admin UI.

By default, this is port 80 (http) or 443 (https), but if you changed it in Unraid, please change it in the app accordingly.

Unraid 6.4.x introduced https access, which can be configured via the SSL property in the Settings > Identification section.

Dependind on how your SSL config is set, follow these rules to add your server via the app:

yes->add server via ip/hostname, https port (default is 443), secure switch on
auto->add server via ip/hostname, https port (default is 443), secure switch on
no->add server via ip/hostname, http port (default is 80), secure switch off

I’m using the correct port, but I still can’t connect

These are some checks you can perform in this case:

  • Make sure you can access Unraid’s webGUI from your mobile device using Safari, Chrome, other browser.
  • Make sure you don’t have an ad-blocker on your mobile device or any rules on your firewall that may prevent access to your server.

Also, some servers have a higher response time than others.

Make sure your timeouts (either automatic or manual), in the Settings page of the app, are set to 1000 or higher (they’re measured in milliseconds).

I’ve read about a companion plugin. What’s its purpose ?

The ControlR plugin enables advanced features on the app.

Some of these features are:

UI for the Docker/VM permission system

Display System, Docker and VM logs Some logs may still not be available, e.g.: if you don’t have Docker installed on your server, no docker logs will be shown.

Enable POWER ON (wake on lan) for your server Start the server normally via the hardware button, install the plugin and refresh the server on the app. From there on, the power on button will be enabled.

Display system sensor data For this to work you need to install either the dynamix.system.temp plugin or the ipmi plugin.

Display UPS data It recognizes the default ACP UPS driver, but you can optionally install the nut plugin.

Ability to sleep the server You need to install the S3 Sleep plugin

Display temps in C or F on the app, depending on your server’s settings

I’m having issues accessing the app with any user other than root

Currently, there’s only one true user in an Unraid system: root.

For that reason, you need to enter the root password for any user to access the app.

An analogy would be a supervisor password override at supermarkets: the supervisor (root) inputs his password (returned item, errors, etc.), although the cashier is the actual user.

The app is not working when connecting to an Unraid release candidate (RC) version

Only stable releases are formally supported, release candidates, due to their nature, may have breaking changes during their cycle.

Supporting them would increase development efforts.

I’m having x, y, z issue with the app

You can post your issue in the ControlR’s Unraid forums thread or send a private message.

You could also send an email to contact.